Monday, December 3, 2012

Lucy Needs Your Help

Okay. Let's just pretend that I didn't take a 4 month break from blogging, and that you know (within reason) what is going on in my life. Because otherwise, this is all going to sound completely awful and random.

I guess there's really no way around that.

Instead, lets just say that the last 4 months have been a whirlwind. I can't go into all the details, but the short(ish) version of the story is that 4 months ago we were going about our little Maui life, when we ran across a little family drama, a bunch of job drama, and then a fantastic new opportunity.

Fast forward to today, and I am hanging out in Reno, NV with my awesome in-laws, while Brant is in Maui working (his new job is the fantastic opportunity). I would love to be in Maui with him, but Lucy and I flew out mid-November, with the plan that he would follow shortly, and, looks like his job will be keeping him in Maui for at least a few more weeks. More than likely, several months.

Which brings me to my main reason for this post:

We have decided to find a new home for Lucy.

(This was a very, very rough decision to make).

Lucy can't come back to Maui with us. Besides the quarantine issues, she simply can't handle the intense Maui sun. She has a skin condition called DLE - it is really mild and now that she is off island, it is almost in remission completely. She has to take a couple pills with her breakfast and dinner to keep it that way, but it is obvious to us that she thrives when she lives in a place not so close to the equator.

So........we are hoping to find someone who is willing to give her a loving home. We have sent emails, put an ad on Craigslist, talked to people in my in-laws neigborhood, and now I'm blogging about it because neither Brant or I can stand the thought of taking her to a shelter. Please help us spread the word.

If you know anyone who might have space in their home and their hearts for our Lucy dog, pass the info on. I am willing to transport her almost anywhere (our expense), and will pay for the initial vet visit to get her established and her DLE pills refilled (they are super cheap ($6 a month) through Costco, you just need a Rx from the vet).

A little bit about Lucy:

She is nine years old, and is a black lab/vizsla mix. She has been a part of our family since she was 4 months old. She can run crazy fast (although she has slowed down a bit in her senior years), and absolutely loves chasing tennis balls. And chewing on them.

She LOVES chomping on ice cubes. She'll give herself a brain freeze. Seriously.

Lucy has had many adventures: she has flown on an airplane twice. Gone to Yellowstone and barked at buffalo. Road-tripped throughout Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. She has eaten two sea urchins, and learned to swim in the ocean.

She is a seriously great dog.

She is easy going, naps a lot, and is friendly with everyone. Sometimes she barks at men in baseball caps, that is her only real hang-up. She walks great on a leash, knows 'sit', 'stay', 'out of the kitchen', and 'lay down'. She is completely housebroken and is non-destructive (you don't have to worry about her chewing shoes, furniture, etc).

If you give her love and attention (and ice cubes), she will be your best friend.

We took her to the vet for a check-up right before leaving Maui. The vet confirmed that she is in excellent health and should have many good years left. She is micro-chipped and current on all vaccines.

She is submissive and has never shown any aggression towards another dog or human. She has spent some time around small children and had zero problems.

No dog is perfect, and as great as Lucy is, you should also be aware of her less than favorable characteristics: sometimes she is picky about eating. She snores. She barks at men in baseball caps. She can't be out in the sun as long as other dogs. She has to take pills everyday, and if she does happen to have a DLE breakout, you have to give her another dose of pills to make it go away.

Believe me, the good in Lucy far outweighs the bad. She is not a dog we can take to the shelter. She is worth every penny, every effort to find a good home.

This is getting long winded, I know. So let's leave it at this: if you know of anyone who might be interested, please Facebook me or comment through this blog. I can provide more details of our situation privately.

And.....thank you.

(P.S...I also feel like I should say that we are also open to more 'temporary' solutions for Lucy. We will most likely be back on the mainland in a few months. And while we think it would be a better adjustment for her to have a permanent new family, it may also work out if you would be willing to provide her with a temporary foster family, until we can take her back. We are looking into all options).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Leis, Unicorns, Rainbows

Oh my gosh life is busy right now. Pretty sure it is for just about every body I know. Between work, family, friends, training, and laundry/housework, I am feeling stretched very thin. Gone are my leisurely days spent exploring Maui - they were lovely while they lasted, but now it is the season of work.  Good thing the beach is there on my days off. :)

Pretty sure that top left horse is actually a unicorn.

These pictures are from the King Kamehameha parade we went to with Brant's parents in Lahaina. Hands down the best parade I've ever been too. People take parades around here seriously. Each Hawaiian island was represented with riders and banners. Participants fund-raise and/or spend their own money on dress material and the flowers for leis. I loved that even the horses were wearing leis, and can't imagine how many hours it must have taken to make them.

Training is going good. I'm sticking with my workouts, and my body seems to be holding up great. In general, I'm running:

Monday: 3 miles easy
Tuesday: 6-7 miles, marathon pace
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 3 miles easy
Friday: off
Saturday: long run - we are up to 14 miles
Sunday: off

For the first month and a half I was totally in love with running. I wanted to marry it, have babies with it, buy it a fancy car. 

The last week or so, I seemed to have lost my running mojo. I've hit the point where thoughts like 'whose bright idea was this?' are entering my head. On Saturday I ran 10 miles and was totally ready to be done at mile 1. 

But............from experience, I know this is a phase and it will pass. I will be excited to run again. For now, I just run because I have to. Because somebody decided to sign up for a marathon.

In other news, I am completely stoked about our upcoming trip to the mainland. Can. Not. Wait. to see friends and family we've been missing so much. And go to Target.

Now, I have to get back to work. Or else I will never get to go to the beach again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guess What Time of Year It Is?


It's practically summer, which means (in my book) that it's time to train for the Maui Marathon again.

I am excited.

I have several goals for this year - one of which is to keep a better record of training on this blog. Sad for you if you aren't into running, training, or reading about it. Happy for you since my iphone ate the pictures I took on my runs this week, so I can't upload them. Anyway, here are the preliminary deets:

What: 42nd Annual Maui Marathon 2012

When: September 16, 2012   5:30 am.

I am following Hal Higdon's 18 week training plan. Either the Novice 1 or Novice 2 plan. I still need to decide. This is the first week and so far so good, despite a rough start.

Workout Breakdown:

Monday - 3 miles (am) - not pretty. Had to walk the last mile. Couldn't breathe, couldn't find my stride, my knee hurt, whine, whine, whine. Finished anyway, just not how I was hoping to.

(*reminder to myself: when you treat your body like crap over the weekend - fast food, no sleep, etc - don't expect it to want to run well come Monday morning)

Tuesday - 3 miles (am) - much better. No knee pain. Slower pace, took it easy.
                 Strength & Tone class @ the Y (pm) - awesome as always. My silly noodle arms are actually gaining muscle.

Wednesday - REST. Glorious rest.
Thursday - 1.5 - 2 miles (am)
                     Strength training at home (pm)

Friday - REST

Saturday - Long run, either 6 or 8 miles, depending on if I do the Novice 1 or 2 program.
Sunday - REST

I'll figure out a better way to list weekly workouts on here, because let's face it - the above isn't pretty. But for today it will have to do.

Anybody else training for anything? Do share. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little over a year ago.....

I had finished up work, finished up preparing our house to rent, and finished packing our life into 4 suitcases. Said goodbye to friends (or as one likes to put it: It's NOT goodbye, it's see ya later! So true....)

The dogs and I spent 5 days in Portland with these people:

Love, love, love all of them.

So much anticipation. 
Surprisingly little stress.
So many really fun memories.
Convinced my favorite father in law to try kombucha. Watched him gag.
Lot's of P.F. Chang's action

Self portrait, Portland hotel, night before Maui

And then................................

there we were.

Is that Kmart?

He startled me at the airport, with his aviators and scraggly hair. I loved it. We picked Maddie and Lucy up and drove off into the afternoon rain. I remember the air felt thick and floral. Life was at once salty and green and so incredibly warm. I was pale and pasty and we needed an airbed to sleep on that night. Costco it was.

Dogs who fly.
I had all these big intentions for blogging regularly about life over here. I was all, I'm gonna blog every day and maybe write a book and blah, blah,.........yeah, and then we got here and the adjustment began and I didn't really have much to say.  Couldn't say.

I was busy learning what it was like to have family members in crisis and be 2500 miles away. Conclusion? It's a blessing and a curse. (Name that show?)

I was busy learning how to run upcountry roads.

I love hills.

Busy being bit by a centipede.

No picture. You are welcome.

Busy living in this ohana with no kitchen, plumbing, etc for a month.

We lived on tuna, pistachios, and rice krispy treats. And it was awesome.
A year ago I went through the roof, whining and carrrying on about cockroaches., not so much.

I learned how to live, and be happy, with very, very few material possessions. And then I bought some stuff.

In the past year I've learned that I can and will be happy, no matter where on this earth we live. The snowy Midwest would certainly be pushing things a little (and I have NO intentions of moving there) but I know now........I will be happy wherever we are.

I've learned how much I value family and friends. Intellectually, I knew I would miss them. Duh. But whoa, now I know how it feels to be homesick. To need my mom. To need a night out with a girlfriend. I can honestly say that my values have changed in this area. Moving to an island made me a hugger.

I now wear pink and hug people. Feel free to roll your eyes.

An introvert I am, but I love, love love my peeps. And I need you guys.

Sunset on the pali
A little over a year ago, our lives changed forever. It was an amazing first year.
The second year has been......rough so far. But still good. Always good.

No regrets. (Just hugs)

Monday, April 30, 2012

PSA and WTF?

To the person who found my blog by googling  "is it okay to have a centipede in my" :


I can't think of any situation in which it would be 'okay' to have one of these in, near, around, or close by anything remotely involving yourself.

The fact that you have to ask is worrisome. 

So to be clear: No. No it is not okay to have a centipede in your........anything.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just another post about running

I had to work for today's 3 miles.

My legs were tired from yesterday (I'm not used to running back to back days).
I started late - I work in the mornings now, so didn't run till after 10.
It was hot.
I was thirsty.

And the wind. The WIND!

When I undid my ponytail and took this picture, I could smell my hair, and not in a good way.

I ran in my new compression socks from here, and I love them. Going to be incorporating them into my running and recovery regularly. I aim to prove that pink makes you run faster. :)

You are welcome.

Some runs feel effortless and some feel like a slow death. Today's was somewhere in between. Nevertheless, the miles are done!  I've got socks on my feet, lunch on my mind, and a couple hours to wash my hair before I head to the gym for a fitness assessment and strength class.

Oh, that should be real fun.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Dynamic

Today is a good day.

We are finding our way over here......all that crap about grief and taking it a day at a's all true.

Today we are working, running, going to the bank, paying rent, making soup.

And probably taking Brant to the doc-in-a box after work tonight for some cough syrup/miracle cure for the crud he has been stricken with. All that crap about men getting sick and they way they act.....also true.

I am obsessed with cottage cheese and black grapes.

Leftover chicken curry for lunch. 

Lucy is adjusting to being the only dog.

Lucy and I have a complicated relationship.

But we are starting to become friends. I think.

Either way, we are in this together. 

So I vote 'friends'.